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Amal is that a special form of Islamic dua that are beneficial to the people who need to elicit love (Mohabbat) marriage. We all know that the wedding is the most important event not only for Hindu peoples however Association of Muslim peoples. Therefore, we have a tendency to constantly assume that in general we got to do marry hence why we tend to make love wedding with our love. But our family members do not perceive this factor also in that they love wedding (Mohabbat ki Shadi). Therefore, this Sifli Amal allows you to win over your oldsters to your (Mohabbat ki Shadi (love marriage)

Taking Pasand (choice) ke (of) Shadi (marriage) decision in your hands makes use of qurani Amal, as the name indicated to qurani Amal has the power of the Koran, which Qurani Amal contains some words directly taken from the Quran to make the best Amal. In other words, if Amal makes use of words of ritual holy books of the Muslim religion, the Koran, such as Amal called as qurani Amal. After performing qurani Amal according to the given directions by our Mohabbat ki Shadi, you will be entitled to Mohabbat ki Shadi for you that no one is there to stop you, it means everyone will be agreed with your thoughts about your Shadi.